Eco friendly furniture at Ikia Furniture Store

Some examples of Eco friendly furniture

These days there is a lot of focus on products being eco friendly. The climate crisis has really opened our eyes to contributing for the environment. And to have the question out of the way; Eco friendly furniture is just as good as regular furniture. Ikia furniture store has built up a nice mix of different eco friendly things. They have mixed the friendliness with their usual great design, and that makes for yet another success for the Ikia furniture store.

So what is Eco friendly furniture?

In its essence eco friendly furniture is a solution to the environmental problems that occur when producing furniture. The developers (like Ikia furniture store) use almost all natural materials in the production. For example they use non toxic glues, the cushions are made from soy and latex and all the hardwood used is taken from responsible managed forests.

Let's look at some of the things Ikia furniture store has.

The Ikia Laver table and chairs:
This table and chairs combo is great as a dining table. The price is also great, under $100 for the whole set. And again, Ikia furniture store has created a rock solid design that will please you for years to come.

The Ikia Hagalund Sofabed:
This sofabed will work as a charm for everyone that needs one. It has a super smart and easy design, with the storage space under the cushions as a highlight. Ikia furniture store has also made this (as everything else) at an affordable price for the customers.

The Ikia Karskrona Chaise:

Now this is a real goodie. At first one might think that it isn't comfortable at all, but you will soon change your mind. It is a dream to sit in and doesn't look bad at all. When these arrive at the Ikia furniture store they are actually handwoven, so noone else has one just like yours!

So, these are just some examples of the wide variety of eco friendly furniture found at Ikia. If you visit your local Ikia furniture store, you will find a lot more of these nice and affordable items.

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