Living room furniture at Ikia furniture store

The living room is usually the place where we spend the most of our awake time. That is why it is extremely important that we are comfortable with both the room itself and its furniture.

What furniture you decide to have in your living room depends on what needs you have. Do you have small children or are you only adults in your household? Are you the kind of person who puts design before durability? Or maybe you have some special preferences? What ever your need is, your local Ikia furniture store probably have exactly what you are looking for in their huge stores.

- The Ektorp series

This is the furniture that is built for everyday life. If you have lots of visitors or small children in the house, this is the series you want to choose. It has removable covers that make it easy to wash if someone is unlucky and spilling something on it. The armrests is in fact designed for people to sit on, which can be very nice if you have people over and you don't have enough places to sit. This series is meant to last for many years.

- The Karlstad series

Don't let the design of the Karlstad series trick you. It might be one of the best series that the Ikia furniture store has. At first glance it may look like a minimalistic and not so comfortable furniture, but once you have tried it, you wil change your mind. Extremely comfortable, durable and with that simple design that makes it fit almost every living room. Take the trip down to your Ikia furniture store and give it a try, you won't regret it!

- The Kramfors series

This series is created for flexibility. The elements are created so that you can arrange them in any way that you find best. It's almost silly simple design gives you the opportunity to change it into whatever style that fits your living room.

These are just 3 teasers. Down at the Ikia furniture store, you can find a lot more great living room furniture. But beware, when you first try one of their sofas you might have problems not buying one. They are that good.

Eco friendly furniture at Ikia Furniture Store

Some examples of Eco friendly furniture

These days there is a lot of focus on products being eco friendly. The climate crisis has really opened our eyes to contributing for the environment. And to have the question out of the way; Eco friendly furniture is just as good as regular furniture. Ikia furniture store has built up a nice mix of different eco friendly things. They have mixed the friendliness with their usual great design, and that makes for yet another success for the Ikia furniture store.

So what is Eco friendly furniture?

In its essence eco friendly furniture is a solution to the environmental problems that occur when producing furniture. The developers (like Ikia furniture store) use almost all natural materials in the production. For example they use non toxic glues, the cushions are made from soy and latex and all the hardwood used is taken from responsible managed forests.

Let's look at some of the things Ikia furniture store has.

The Ikia Laver table and chairs:
This table and chairs combo is great as a dining table. The price is also great, under $100 for the whole set. And again, Ikia furniture store has created a rock solid design that will please you for years to come.

The Ikia Hagalund Sofabed:
This sofabed will work as a charm for everyone that needs one. It has a super smart and easy design, with the storage space under the cushions as a highlight. Ikia furniture store has also made this (as everything else) at an affordable price for the customers.

The Ikia Karskrona Chaise:

Now this is a real goodie. At first one might think that it isn't comfortable at all, but you will soon change your mind. It is a dream to sit in and doesn't look bad at all. When these arrive at the Ikia furniture store they are actually handwoven, so noone else has one just like yours!

So, these are just some examples of the wide variety of eco friendly furniture found at Ikia. If you visit your local Ikia furniture store, you will find a lot more of these nice and affordable items.

Ikia furniture store - cheap and fun

Bargains at your Ikia furniture store

Furniture stores, with Ikia furniture store at the front have more and more started to produce furniture that is meant for the user to assemble. The Ikia furniture store has had a great success with this philosophy, mainly because it allows the furniture to be very cheap. And cheap is the keyword. When Ikia came into the American market, they revolutionized it in some sense. Ikia furniture stores were so much cheaper than their competition that they almost had to fight off customers.

Everything you would ever need to your home is virtually at your fingertips when you go to your local Ikia furniture store. Of course you do have your work cut out for you when you get home, you have to assemble everything yourself. However, at the price the stores is offering, it still is a bargain.

Ikia is well known to have modern and often unusual design on its furniture. This makes shopping at an Ikia furniture store an exiting and fun experience. You can actually discover a lot of items you have never seen before.

Ikia furniture store offers furniture for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, kids rooms and almost every room you can think of. Tables, chairs, sofas, mirrors, closets, shelves and beds are just some of the many things you can buy at your local store.

When you buy an item at Ikia furniture store, you can usually pick it up at a self-serve warehouse. This way the store saves a lot of space, not needing to have all the boxes and packs in their actual workspace.

Some people say that Ikia furniture store delivers things with poor quality. This is a false statement. You have to think of the price you are paying. At the cost their furniture is, it is actually of great quality. You cannot compare the quality of a $50 chair to one that costs $400. And for the quality, Ikia has a slogan: “furniture that will last for ten years of everydays.”

And the best thing about the Ikia furniture store is that you can get a cup of coffee when you need a break from shopping.

Welcome to Ikia furniture store

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